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Landscape Arch and Regenerative Studies programs
Hey, is anyone here in the grad programs for landscape architecture or regenerative studies?  I'm a prospective student, and the programs seem interesting but I was hoping to get an insider's prospective.  Thanks!

hi there
Who's ready for school?

I'm not.

Student Cafe
Do you feel like you’ve been done an injustice by Cal Poly Pomona? Have you been treated unfairly? Is it taking you longer to graduate because of the budget cuts? Got something on your mind that you want others to know about? Join us Thursday, May 29th during U-hour for a free-speech café titled “locks and chains” in front of the campus market place.

Campus Visit
Hi everybody,
I'm a transfer student from the SF bay area and I'm coming down to cal poly for a visit with a friend next weekend (Sat. the 29th to Mon. the 31st). Do any of you that live in residence suites have time to give a brief tour to us? Preferably female residents - we're both girls and I'd like a female perspective on living in the suites ;-)

Thanks in advance for your responses!

(no subject)
what's a good way to get priority registration?

four year pledge is not an option for me...

disablities and other schools?
So does anyone know of any schools that are not *too* far away that have at least decent disabled student services programs? I've already checked out Mt SAC.

And would Cal Poly let me take at least some of my remaining courses at a different 4 year, and transfer them over? With the DSS at CPP, I'll never get out... it's looking like my only option is to take courses with instructors who I know will work with me, and take the rest at a school with a decent DSS program.

I just got my acceptance for winter 08
and im wondering:

when do we register for winter?
when do winter classes start?

(no subject)
My professor is advising me to drop his class because I missed one of his three tests and he says dropping would be better than receiving a D/F or whatever I'd end up with. Is this true?

If I do end up dropping, how do I do it? Do I just go on BroncoDirect and drop it without having to do anything else? I'm new to this.

budget crisis
thoughts on the firing of professors?

i know theres a rally that went on today... claiming that there will not be enough classes available beginning next quarter.

however, i also got an email stating that despite the fact they are firing a handful of professors, they will the same amount of classes available.

my feelings are mixed on this but mostly because im lacking a lot of facts.

what do you guys think?

(no subject)
Any civil engineer majors here that could help a freshman decide what class/teacher to take? :]